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Modified Engines

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    TNS Modified engines are prided to be the fastest, most reliable most radical Nitro RC Car engines in the world today. Every engine model we sell has been laboriously developed and tested using our custom engine Dyno system giving us and our engines a huge advantage over competitors . Every engine we sell is going to be substantially more powerful then stock, and because of the careful dyno testing we can ensure we did not ruin the overall power curve of the engine, Every one of our engines has a full powerband with a strong bottom end ,   sadly all too often when engine modifiers get too aggressive and start making changes they start to negatively effect the powerband, and without a dyno have no proper way to see the effect of their changes. Its very easy to give a engine a great top end if your willing to sacrifice some bottom end, however its a whole other ball of wax to effectively raise the top end without sacrificing the bottom end, this takes skill, know how, and a dyno, I know many of my competitors will try to downplay the usefulness of a dyno but the facts are that these engines are extremely sensitive and even the smallest changes can lose power so in order to truly and effectively increase their overall performance a Dyno is absolutely critical, anything else is simply guessing...which for me just isn't good enough !