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Here is my race report for THE NITRO SHOP from the 2015 ROAR Fuel Off-road Nationals that I attended in Chico, CA last week.

This was my first time ever going to Cali to race. I was pumped to get out there and have some fun.

Qualifying went pretty well for both of my TLR rides and could have qualified better but I let nerves get to me and not driving the way I like to drive and did not end up where I thought I could have ended up. Still had a blast though.

In buggy I would start second in the quarter finals. On the first lap I clipped a tube and I fell back. Then, I let my nerves get to me and started making mistakes falling further back.  Towards the end I gathered it up and started making my way back to front but ran out of time and finished fifth. My TLR 8B 3.0 with LRP power and THE NITRO SHOP fuel mileage mod was amazing all week long! I could have done ten minute pit stops but told my dad not to chance it. With Bones Brew fuel going through my engine, power was amazing as usual, run time was amazing, and we didn't have to touch the tune all week!! My JConcepts tires were hooked up all week and could ask for any better.

In my truggy main, I went out for warmups and the servo we were testing on steering had a gear break and never got to start my main. My TLR 8T 3.0 was amazing all week and my nerves got to me with it also and would have started in the C main but I have learned now I need to just be me and results will show I'm better than what I qualified for in both classes.

Since I am 15 I got to race in the first ever Junior National Championship race. I got to start on pole and led every lap. I pulled out to a 24 second lead at one point. It got close at the end. The tires we ran were a compound we had mounted up and knew they would not work at home and we decided to run them. At about the 15-20 minute mark I could tell they were gone. I held on for the win and had blast racing with all the fast kids there.

Thanks to Ryan Maifield for the setup help!! Car and truck were awesome!! Big thanks to all who helped get me to Nationals and we couldn't have done it without them!!!

Thanks to ROAR and Amain Hobbies for an awesome event!!!

Thanks to THE NITRO SHOP for provide me with excellent products.

Tyler & Randy Jones



I have known Neal Smith for over 5 years now.  Neal has been my go to engine guy ever since.  All of my racing success is due to Neal and TNS modifying and knowledge of the products her provides.  All of his engines that I have purchased have been amazing and super powerful.  I will continue to do business with TNS for many years to come.



I have been running Neal's modified engines for the last 5 years, being involved in the research and developement of alot of the fantastic engines he produces has made being in this hobby even more fun as Ive watched what has been produced at the workshop, I have run so many different engines like, Novarossi - P5, Proto 7, Banito, Werks - B5 Pro, B6 Pro, Picco - JPX21, 5TR, 5TX, O.S - XZB21, B2101, Rex Paloma to just name a few, each and every one of these engines has helped to cover ground on the track faster than the guys im racing with and lets not forget the smile it puts on your face listening to those engines scream, I have had so many people over the years come up and ask what on earth im driving today in your cars, or the guys im racing with just declaring on the drivers stand as i drive by them during races " Its just not fair " the power and runtime you get from the modified engines is just amazing, keep up the good work Neal